How to Eliminate the Fears that Drain Your Power

It is no small thing to eliminate the fears that drain your power. However, as there are people who have managed to rid themselves of these fears, it proves that it is indeed possible. Fear is such a disabling emotion. Fear stops you from doing all the good and great things that you are capable of.

Although there are several types of fear some of the principle ones are fear of success, fear of failure, fear of people, fear of change and then there are phobias of so many kinds. In fact the list is a as long as there are people in this world. In most cases fear is a vague ungrounded emotion that disables you without you specifically knowing why. This is why a process of understanding your self and the fears you are holding onto is a great starting place

As there are so many fears that any one person can have it is probably a lot easier to work with some simple but effective solutions to eliminate the fears that drain your power. It may take time to remove all your fears but fortunately a great deal of fear can be dissolved or let go of very quickly. Where to begin?

Feel the fear and do it anyway. There was a book written on this subject. Essentially if you go ahead with your thought or idea despite any fear you may be experiencing then just by the simple fact of taking action a great deal of the strength of fear will be reduced and you will probably discover that the fears were ungrounded. Taking action dislodges even deep rooted fears so that you can start to experience that life is possible without having fear. Taking action gets a momentum going within the self that can take you to a state of awareness that you may never have thought existed. It really is that powerful.

What do you think is the opposite of fear? Its love, isn’t it? So, another excellent way to eliminate fear is to give time to love the self. Love what you do and love who you are. Take time to have good and happy thoughts about your self and the work that you do. It’s a bit like self appreciation. By doing this you are bringing the focus of your value system home. This means that you are able to love being as you are and who you are so that the dependency on external results or others opinions have less and less effect on you.

As a lot of the fears that drain your power are keeping you company due to the fact that there is uncertainty. The unknown is a very good home to fear. By planning things out whether it is a life plan, a business plan, a project plan or any other plan, you are removing some of the element of uncertainty. You won’t remove all of it but enough to get started and displace the fears that may be stopping you.

By taking consistent action and appreciating yourself and the efforts that you are making to eliminate the fears that drain your power, you will start to discover what life is like with little or even no fear. You will feel much lighter and be a lot more productive and proactive.

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